Middle East Conflict News

Middle East News

Magical Socotra stands at a crossroads of conflict and conservation - BirdLife International

Israel blasts European Court of Justice ruling to label settlement products - Fox News

Rep. Johnson Returns From Israel, Says Peace in the Middle East is Attainable - KDLT News

Turkey's Erdogan called out for endangering 'US national security' - Arabnews

Rockets Fired into Israel after Israel Assassinated Islamic Jihad Leader - VOA News

#JiHadEnough: Another IDF social media misfire - The Jerusalem Post

CARLIN: Is Iran Losing The Middle East? - The Daily Wire

Israel kills top Palestinian Islamic Jihad militant in Gaza - BBC News

Iran 'on verge of conflict with Israel' as Trump weaknesses exposed - Express.co.uk

Sen. Lindsey Graham & Michael Makovsky: US-Israel mutual defense treaty needed to benefit both nations - Fox News




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