Middle East Conflict News

Middle East News

Why does the U.S. have a long history of conflict with the Middle East? - 11Alive.com WXIA

Oil Traders Made Billions in 2019 as Conflict Shook the Market - Bloomberg

The urgency for peace in the Middle East is not a matter of theory - IOL

The Three Countries Vying For Ultimate Power In The Middle East - OilPrice.com

Qassim Soleimani's 'holy war' will engulf Syria in Sunni-Shia conflict for years to come - The Telegraph

Tensions in Syria's Daraa are getting out of hand - Middle East Eye

Prince Charles says he wants to visit Iran, be 'peacemaker' in Middle East - The Times of Israel

In Syria, U.S. steps up Islamic State operation, but for how long, no one knows - The Washington Post

Why Pakistan Isn't Taking Sides After Outbreak of US-Iran Conflict - Voice of America

Trump invites Netanyahu to White House, says Middle East peace plan imminent - NBC News




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