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National Review: “The New York Times Runs a Sloppy, Specious Democratic Hit on Brett Kavanaugh”

'Amazing Grace': How Aretha Franklin Took Us All to Church

Elon Musk Is Working Too Hard

Trump defends Manafort as jury continues second day of deliberations

Pennsylvania bishop reads part of grand jury report at Mass

Trump calls on regulators to consider changing how often companies must report earnings

Judge imprisons airport shooter for life, calls his crime “85 seconds of evil”

New ESPN Chief Sees Better Schedule for 'Monday Night Football'

Trump overruled Melania on WH decor, replacing her picks with flashier furniture: Report

Michigan legislator apologizes for racial slurs against Asian American opponent

After John Brennan, Donald Trump is prepared to revoke more security clearances

US sanctions Myanmar military commanders and units for their role in 'ethnic cleansing'

US Terminates Funding for Stabilization Efforts in Syria

Hours before his arrest, Chris Watts pleaded for his family's return

Monsoon Floods Have Killed More Than 320 People In Kerala, India

Whale hits, capsizes New Jersey fishing boat

Corbyn could be UK PM despite his left-wing extremism

Republicans compare Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez to Venezuelan dictator

Police use Taser on 87-year-old woman cutting dandelions with a knife

NYU Makes Tuition Free for All Medical Students




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