Election News

Election News

Iraqi Parliament Postpones Vote on Election Date

Menendez: I plan to run for re-election despite retrial

The Pentagon says China and Russia are bigger problems for US than terrorists. American voters may not agree.

Twitter Concedes Russian Influence Before US Election Was Greater Than Initially Thought

Sundance doc 'Our New President' presents psychedelic vision of US election through a fake news lens

Trump could win 2020 election despite being 'most unpopular' US President - and here's how

Ohio election: Author JD Vance won't run for US Senate

US not ready to thwart election interference

Trump Fears Next Election Will Be Decided by Americans

In upcoming Mexican election, migrants living in the US could tip tight presidential race

Moscow Slams Leak Of Embassy Bank Transfers Around US Election

Gulati Put Off By US Soccer Election Discourse, Questions Candidates' Promises

Feds Team with Foreign Policy Experts to Assess US Election Security

Twitter May Notify Users Exposed to Russian Propaganda During 2016 US Election

Democrats just picked up a Wisconsin state Senate seat in a district Trump won by 17 points

Trump vs. Oprah: How Important is Brand in the Next US election?

North Korea Could Join Russia in Interfering in Next US Election, Senators Warn

Now Russia Accuses US Of Meddling In Its Upcoming Election With More Sanctions

US must act now to ward off more Russian election meddling, report says

Russia Warns US: Don't 'Meddle' In Upcoming Presidential Election